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Howdy folks

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    Hey everyone,

    I've been a fly on the wall on this site for the past few days, and figured I'd quit being a weirdo and just sign up.

    First off, about my background in physics...there's not one. I just want to teach myself physics.

    My interest has been lifelong. Since I was a young kid, I seemed to have thoughts and questions I couldn't properly explain. In school, due to thinking I was completely stupid, opted out of all math and science classes that were beyond the minimum requirements, and screwing myself out of an opportunity to maybe explain these ideas I was having. Now I'm 21, just as stupid, but frustrated with the fact that I never even tried to learn. I plan to begin with math; relearning algebra and geometry, then moving on to teach myself trigonometry, then to precal and calculus. After that I'll begin digging into actual physics. It'll take a while, but I'm determined to go as far as I can with this.

    In the meantime, I'll be bouncing around the forums here, trying to familiarize myself with the different branches and very basic concepts of physics. Maybe posting a random question every once in a while.

    All in all, super excited to be a part of this site. I love the diversity in backgrounds and education. Really gives this whole thing a communal feel (which I suppose it the whole purpose).

    That's it,
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    Not sure i can relate to that all in all, (im only 14) but i am at the moment teaching myself and messing around with mechanical engineering, hope you figure out all your Qs and make friends ( If i can you can!)
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    ( And good luck!)
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    What is your Calculus book?
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    Sorry, this is for introductions only, discussions need to be posted in the appropriate sub-forums.
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