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Howdy from Nevada!

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    Hello to All from the Silver State. Although my degree is in Computer Science, my early experience in applied physics concerned RADAR. Thus my forum name, as "magnetron" was already taken. Klystrons are even more enigmatic microwave emitters.

    I was among early email users (1984) while working at NASA Ames Research Center as a software engineer. Geoff Marcy, discoverer of many exoplanets, was one of my first physics professors. While working with RADAR for the Air Force, I corresponded with Robert Dicke's team on best methods to tune MASER front ends. Since at that time I hadn't learned calculus, team members generously wrote equations in Algebra.

    I enjoy reading science & math books as well as literature. I try to remain current with advances in Cosmology and Physics, particularly changes to the Standard Model. I've visited this forum before; finally joined.
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    Welcome Klystron! I worked for AT&T so had electonic mail in the 70's, but it was intra-company. :smile:
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    Thanks for the kind greeting, Evo.

    Difficult to be both precise & concise. One could say telegrams or ticker tapes in the 19th Century were electronic mail. While writing data collection code one morning I was tasked with helping convert DARPAnet messaging to the new public sendmail program. By afternoon we were sending/receiving text messages around the country followed soon by attachments. I remember the sendmail code as implemented on PDP computers being quite elegant & simple. High praise.
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