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How's Cornell's undergrad physics?

  1. Mar 31, 2005 #1
    I've been rejected everywhere else (well, I'm still pending a decision from Princeton, but I'm not exceptionally optimistic) but I was accepted to Cornell's College of Arts and Sciences today. I'm thrilled to have gotten into an Ivy despite my background (homeschoolers seem despised at top-tier colleges, even homeschoolers with two years of community college courses at a perfect grade-point average... but I digress.)

    I was wondering whether any of you had experiences with or opinions on the quality of Cornell's undergraduate physics program. I'd like to know what to expect this fall.

    Thanks for whatever information you have :smile:
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    In a single word: Very good.

    Well i guess that's two words.
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    I'm at Cornell now, but rather than answer your question, I'll ask one of my own. :biggrin: (honestly I don't know, which is why I'm asking this, but I can answer any other questions you might have about the school). I'm currently in Applied physics, but I'd rather do pure physics when I go on to grad school. From what I've heard, applied physics is supposed to be the hardest major here, and it is supposed to provide a general enough background to go on to any related field. I'm a sophomore, and I've almost completed all the required classes through the junior level, but it isn't too late to switch to physics if I need to. My question is, should I stay where I am and just take physics classes as my electives, or should I change to a physics major?
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