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How's Livermore Labs?

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    I am not sure whether this should go here or in the Academic Guidance forum, sorry.

    But my prof wants me to go to LLNL over the summer. I smiled like a Hillary running for President.

    But now apparently I need to find my own apartment to stay at and I'm not even sure if I'll be reimbursed. Basically, while I iron this out with my professor and the people at LLNL, I just wanted to ask if any of you had been there, especially temporarily as student, and could tell me a bit about it.
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    I don't know much about the lab, but I lived in the bay area when I was in high school. If you could work it out, you definately should go! It gets hot in the summer - bring your sunglasses!
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    Livermore is a very expensive place to live, I would choose someplace in central CA and commute (even though the gas price is terrible, I think it would still be cheaper to do that).
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    I'm only going for 2 months max, so commuting isn't really an option. I mean, it's possible I could bum a ride off of a co-worker every day, but not likely I'd find someone willing to do that. Also, if they can't come to work for some reason, I'm screwed.

    My Prof. said that housing would be reimbursed, but that's nowhere near final. He said he isn't really sure actually.
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    Livermore is a very nice area, PL. I think you will like it. It's going to get hotter than Washington, but it's a pretty dry heat, and not too bad to deal with. From Livermore, you have a much easier drive to the Sierras and Yosemite, as compared to starting from Silicon Valley where I am. You will have some pretty fun weekends!

    I've toured LLNL in the past, and it's a pretty cool place. I think that recently the funding issues with the federa government have caused some problems, but if you have the position lined up, then you should be in for an interesting and fun summer. My supervisor lives in Livermore (and commutes into San Jose here for work). PM me if you need any more local info, and I'll ask him for you.
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