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How's the earth bigger than the moon

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    In the picture of the earth from the moon I have here:


    If the earth is the same distance away from the moon as the moon is from earth (making it clear) and the earth is so much bigger why is the earth so small in the picture while the moon is so big in the sky. Yes, the earth is is blown in two and the other half got suck into a black hole. But, you can still see how big the earth is since the earth is round.
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    Am I correct that this is a joke? (Yes, I must be very dense to have to ask this question. It actually wasn't until I read the "Yes, the earth is is blown in two and the other half got suck into a black hole." part that I tumbled to it!)
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    Yes the last part was a joke but the picture is real, why's the earth smaller than the moon.

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    If you're serious...

    You can't go by a photograph. If a photograph was taken using a lens with a comparatively small focal length, then the Earth will appear small. If you use a lens with a larger focal length, the Earth will appear bigger. Think of a zoom lens.
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    No further questions.
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