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HP 50g - Loading Programs, Symbolic Calculus

  1. Mar 11, 2007 #1
    I have purchased the HP50g and am liking it so far. However, I find the manual and online references lacking in particular areas. For example...

    1) How do I load a program into the calculator and then access it? I am able to use Conn4x and connect to my calculator. But then all I get is a list of files and a folder of more files.

    The particular program I want to load is a periodic table. I dont know where to put the file, nor do I know how to access it once in the calculator. The readme for the program says this
    2.1 Installing
    a) send either chemlb27.lib(full) or chemlt27.lib(light) to the HP48
    b) put a copy of the library on the stack
    c) enter the port number to store the library (0-33 GX, 0-2 SX)
    d) here is an example of the stack setup so far:

    2: Library 1014: CHE...
    1: 0
    | | | | | | |

    e) at this point, press [STO]
    f) perform a warmstart with [ON][C] or turn on and off the HP48
    g) erase the variable containing the library. eg. 'CHEMLB27.LIB' PURGE
    h) read the next section for the Universal Font Library (UFL)
    For part a, I dont know where exactly I need to send it. Part b, what does that mean, 'put a library in the stack'? I am pretty much lost after that...

    2)Any tips on how to do symbolic integration? The integral button seems to only do definite integrals. I am having a feeling that this calculator is not good at doing symbolic calculus.... If that is the case I am sure sorry I purchased it...

    3)Finally if you have any tips/tricks or useful programs for the calculator pleases share! I want to learn how to use this thing real well over spring break.
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