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HP Prime Question

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    Hi, I'm a civil engineer finishing up my Masters with a structural concentration. Ever since I finished undergrad school I started looking for a new calculator. I decided that my frustration of scientific calculator screens would come to an end. I purchased the Casio fx-CG10. Recently I was given the HP Prime as well. Before I ask my question I want to say that primarily I use these calculators simply because of the color screen. It really helps my eyes all day as my scientific calculator (Casio fx 115 ES) does not. That may not be a good enough reason for many to buy one of these color screen calculators, but I took the risk when I purchased the CG10 and I haven't looked back. My question is this, when I get a result that I want to convert to engineering or scientific format where is the ENG button? I guess I never noticed it on my Casio CG10 because of the much bigger fonts but with the HP Prime I was hoping It would be as simple as pressing a button like my 115ES Casio. Anyways, I hope you all don't mind the simple question. I don't use graphing calculators for more than what a scientific calculator can do for me, but the HP Prime, in size and screen, is unbeatable to IMO.

    Thanks in advance,

    p.s. I really couldn't find anything in its manual other than changing the result format in settings which changes all input and output format.
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    I agree. Except this is in setup (settings). I am referring getting a result for example as .000018, and pressing ENG to get 18E-6 I run into the same situation with the HP Prime.

    Thank you for the help.
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    On the Hp Prime: Use your blue shift key, then setup (just under symbX key). That will bring up your three modes to configure. The middle is Number format. Since it is a touch screen, touch and you will have five selections, Engineering is the last one, touch to activate. You can also select number of digits to show, I use default of 4, but you can change as well.
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