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HP507 laser box cards? GPIB?

  1. Apr 8, 2009 #1
    If I stick a 10936B (16bit binary servo card) into a HP 5507 card rack box with HPIB, will I then be able to gather position data (wave count) by means of HPBASIC over the HPIB bus?

    I am trying to update an old system which has a box based on 10740A coupler (rack/backplane), with 10745-60002 HPIB interface and 10760-60002 GP counter cards installed.

    If the 5507 is no good for this, what is another sub I could make. Still need to use HP basic to get the data though, to match other parts of the old system.

    ANybody know any links to docs on the above hardware? I got spec from the Agilent site already, but would like real docs.
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