HP50g or TI-89 Titanium

  1. I am currently in Calculus II and would like to know which calculator to get. I have read good arguments for both and am leaning towards the HP.
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  3. If you are gonna go further into engineering then go with HP its the safe pick. If you're just simply taking math courses for the hell of it then any regular calculator would do.

    My personal choice would be.

    1. HP50G

    2. Casio 9860GII

    3. TI89.
  4. I would like to add that if you choose the HP 50G, take the time to learn RPN syntax -- that's where you will REALLY see the power of the HP 50G.
  5. I'm a freshman in high-school, so I'll be taking a lot more math classes.
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    There are some threads about the HP 50g versus the TI-89 in the "Computing & Technology" forum, to which this thread has been moved. You might want to check out the older threads here.

    Here's a long-running thread:

  7. I've seen those and would like new ideas from other people.
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