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HSS 40 foot span

  1. Aug 15, 2014 #1
    What size of HSS beem do I need to cross a 40 foot span with 500 kilos even distributed still weight. it will be used to hold 1/2 of a roof. there will be no center post. no wind. structure is inside.

    Thanks so much. Big help

    I just dont know this stuff.
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  3. Aug 15, 2014 #2


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    500 kilo what? Just to be clear.
  4. Aug 15, 2014 #3
    HSS 500 kilos

    It will be play rood roof on top all sheet add up to 500 kilos aprox

    Thanks a bunch
  5. Aug 15, 2014 #4
    Play wood on the roof
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    No, I mean 500 kilograms, 500 kilo-newtons, 500 kilo-pounds, ...

    What are the units for your load?
  7. Aug 16, 2014 #6
    ok thanks .. its kilograms. new at this. thanks again.
  8. Aug 18, 2014 #7
    Just want to point out that if you are designing this for a structure, especially one which people will be using, you MUST check your local and federal building codes. It may also be required that a certified structural engineer stamp the work.

    500 kg huh? Where did this figure come in? Did you account for seismic loading? Wind? Snow/rain? etc

    A 40 foot span is nothing to be approximating at.
  9. Aug 18, 2014 #8
    No people will be on or under structure. and it will be inside of my barn. I have 6, 10 foot HSS 6" x 4" X 1/4". Just wanted to see If I could them on this project.

    Thank´s for your help
  10. Aug 18, 2014 #9


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    We don't give this sort of advice here. If you don't know what you are doing, you need to find a local source of info (a structural building expert) and have them help you.
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