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HTML Codes

  1. Apr 23, 2003 #1
    I decided to mess around with HTML yesterday and now i cant find the code for a poll can anyone help?
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    I'm a bit confused. There is no "poll" tags in html.
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    damn i saw soem site that offerd soem round about code for a poll but i was too lazy to desipher which parts i actualy needed well it looks like using google to advance your knowledge has failed agian, Damn i look even more like an idiot
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    Your absolutely not an idiot Grimmus, technology is confusing. You can create polls using or creating scripts made with a client/server side language. Goto hotscripts.com and you'll find all the poll scripts you'll ever want.
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    if at hotscripts there are only polls with advertising stuck all over them gime a bell and ill whip you one up. I could even host it if you dont have a mysql database :) ive been dying for an excuse to screate a poll script :P
  7. Apr 24, 2003 #6
    Well Grimmus, only to give you a bit of light about what you may have been finding confusing ...
    HTML is only made for 'layout', HTML is not design to 'do work' (other than linking pages), this is one of the reasons that HTML is not considered a programming language.
    When you need to 'do work' (like, save something in a database, load from a database, make a dynamic page, ... etc), you will need 'scripts'.
    Scripts are two kinds:
    1-Server Side:
    In server side scripts, the script is executed on the 'server' (the PC where the page is), and (normally) the page will be returned as HTML to the client (the person viewing the page) after the script has been executed.
    This is very usefull in dynamic pages, for example on the top of the forums, there is a line saying "Welcome <UserName>" (for me it is "Welcome STAii" for example), if there was no scripts then the programmer will have to design to different page for EACH and EVERY user (actually, if there was no scripts there wouldn't be forums).
    The problem of such scripts is that they don't allow user-interaction, since the execution of the code stops as the page is loaded, and a new page will need to be loaded to make anything new (or maybe reload the same page).
    But the advantage is that the user will not need any add-on, since the page is normally returned as HTML.
    An example of server side scripts is ASP and PHP.
    2-Client Side.
    Client side scripts are executed on the client's PC, so they can make anything at anytime (no need for reload).
    The disadvantage of those scripts is that they hardly access the server, mainly because of the secuirty policies on the server (i guess ..)
    An example of such scripts is JavaScript.

    All of those scripts are (normally) written between tags in a page containing tags almost like a normal HTML, in server side scripts, the code will be 'hidden' from the client since only an HTML page will be returned to the client after execution.
    In client side scripts the script can be found in somewhere inside the HTML page.

    I hope i helped.
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