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Stargazing Hubble Space Telescope?

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    I saw once a while back on the History Channel that Hubble looks something like 14.5 billion years into the past? I know very very very little about physics but this has me very interested. Could some one clarify this a bit? I assume that the reason Hubble looks into the past is because the light has not reached us yet? I don't know, help please! =)

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    Since it takes time for light to travel any given distance, anytime one looks at anything one is looking into the past. The sun is about 8 light minutes away, so you are seeing it as it looked about 8 minutes ago.
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    Maybe someday we can pick up light thats traveled millions of years and has conveniently bounced back to us.... there for we can look at our own past !!! :smile:

    maybe even see the dino's :wink:
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    I figured that was what was going on. You guys know where I can find out more about this? I have some more questions, maybe I'll have to time post them later but I need to run right now. Thanks again!

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    Gazing deep enough into outer space has the oldest objects in the universe (quazars, etc.) that may give scientists an insight on how the early universe evolved into its current state. Its pretty exciting stuff, then again, I like the mysterious and unknown.
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    Well, not to toot our own collective horn, but pf is a great place to find out more about this topic!

    You may also want to start with some books on astrophysics or cosmology. Your local college bookstore should have many.

    You can also learn quite a bit by reading Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial, available here:


    (It's unfortunate how few introductory expositions of cosmology exist... maybe I should begin writing The Cartoon Guide to Cosmology?)

    - Warren
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    Matt, if your learning style is lots of little bite-sized chunks, which you can read at any time, and with tons and tons of other resources that you can follow just by clicking on a link, then why not try
    Astronomy Picture of the Day?
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