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Hubbles law and Relativity

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    According to Hubble's law, Velocity of recession of galaxies is directily proportinal to distance between them

    ie v=H0.r

    But, according to theory of relativity

    Time diliation

    t=t0.(underoot 1-v^2/c^2)

    as v->c


    That means the universe will expand upto a certain distance ( if the law hold correct) i.e 2.10^10 l.y

    After that the galaxies will slow down to the observer

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    Here i dont think its possible that [tex]v>c[/tex].Also if it were to be so you would get [tex]\gamma [/tex] as a complex number!
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    I meant as v is almost equal to speed of light, will the recession of galaxies slow down? because t~0
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