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Homework Help: Hubble's top ten discoveries

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    Hi all, i am from portugal and i am working on a lecture based on articles....
    could you give some articles about that....

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    Wrong section. Kinda vague. Might want to tell us what research you've done so far before asking us to do it for you.
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    i have a discipline that in the final of the semester each student must do a discussion about a topic and my is about the hubble telescope i already gone in the site os space telescope and i found something but i think i need more but i don't know what....
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    Are you talking about the Hubble Space telescope, or Edwin Hubble? Since this is homework, we're not just going to hand out something for you to talk about, but we can provide some links to information for you. It might be best for you to tell us what you've found out thus far, so we don't duplicate things, and to give us more of a handle of your level.
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    i am talking about hubble space telescope i only visited the site www,spacetelescope,org and saw the hubblecast by dr joe liske and no more of this...
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    i am working about the top ten discoveries of the hubble telescope: the supernova photos; and more nine....
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    i already gone find out on the physical review letters and nothing....and on ISI too...can any body help me?i only need the article of hubble's(telescope) top ten...after got it i have the lecture completed...i need do an abstract until 30th May...
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    Wiki article lists several things.
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    Type your thread title into google. The first hit has some good information.
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