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News Huckabee= 23% sales tax?

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    So if you are living off your savings you will be taxed twice, once when you earned it under the old system, and again when you spend it under the new.
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    Sounds like it, although I'm sure some mechanism would be put in place to recover such loses.
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    The way to lower taxes isn't by taking away income tax and making us pay that kinda sales tax, its to just cut all the crap that government is wasting money on and start trying to run it more like a business. Less money spent = less money needed.

    Obviously government isn't a business, but you have to agree that there's a lot of stuff out there that we really don't need to be spending money on.
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    Either that or businesses would find some smart way to work around the tax. Long long ago, I think North Dakota was the only state that didn't have laws against usury, so all credit agencies put their main headquarters there and had branches in other states. I don't see why something that can't be done to work around sales tax. Put the head location in Canada and have branches in the US. When you buy groceries, you'd be given a bill payable to a location in Canada, in US dollars, and you would pay it at the bank or online just like any other bill you get in the mail :tongue:

    That's also a terribly regressive taxation scheme. It might even discourage spending if people get psyched about how much tax they pay every time they buy stuff. I think it's Norway that has insanely high sales tax; does anybody know is that was successful?

    edit: Sales tax in Norway is about http://visitnorway.com/templates/NTRarticle.aspx?id=28268 [Broken].
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    This semester we study the system only in equilibrium, that is as t-->00. We shall consider transients in a follow on course.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    After watching and listening to the man for a bit, I have started to refer to him as Chuckybee.

    http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/8/84/Chuckydoll.jpg/250px-Chuckydoll.jpg [Broken]
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