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Huge development in the Peterson case

  1. Nov 2, 2004 #1
    Judge Delucchi, who presides over the Scott Peterson case, announced that he would give the jury the option to convict on a lesser, second-degree murder charge. As opposed a first-degree murder conviction which carries the death penalty sentence, second-degree murder convictions carry a 15-year sentence.

    Do you think the judge did this because he feels Scott is guilty, and doesn't want a hung jury? In my opinion, a 15-year sentence could be as bad or worse than a death penalty sentence because the treatment he would most likely receive from other inmates wouldn't be so kind…

    I know Court TV has updates during the day on this trial, but I'm usually at work so I don't really get a chance to catch them. I did hear though that they're giving their anchor, Catherine Crier, two timeslots (5pm-6pm & 8pm-9pm) to talk about that day's events during closings which start 11/1. Hopefully we'll see justice served!

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