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Human action and reaction

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    Anybody know any good pieces of work that will allow me to learn how to judge and react to another persons action or reaction to a particular event? Like how most human minds work in case scenario's and such. eh?

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    There is a modern four volume set on human body language, which connects body language with verbal language. The cost is about $200.00. For example, when people look up and to the left they are visualizing something and their language will reflect this as well. They will say things like, "See what I mean?"

    In addition, I would recommend the Relational Frame Theory website. The real problem with understanding where other people are coming from is not so much an intellectual problem to be solved, but a personal emotional problem. To understand another person requires that we first accept them, if not with open arms, at least to the extent that we can be more objective. The most successful therapists reflect both the verbal and body language of their clients as a way to get them to open up. Until a person tells you what is motivating their behavior, there is no way of knowing for sure.
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    Try reacting naturally -- only sociopaths need to learn how to react.
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    Some of us are merely autistic, and need all the help we can get.
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