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Human aging genes

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    What genes cause aging, most people think shortening of telomeres is the main reason of aging, but I know there are more than that, like Klotho, Methuselah. But which fews are more important than others, and what else are there?
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    Don't forget the long standing theory that accumulation of errors in cell division which causes their failure is responsible for much of the aging.
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    You mean that the DNA of the cells have been damaged so mush that it stops dividing, and when a lot of them are dying at the same time, the tissues are losing its phsiological function, and age? BUt why do you say for much of the aging?
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    That's what I meant, yes, sorry if I expressed it awkwardly. With "much of the aging" I meant to say that it's been considered an important cause, although I wouldn't know just how important.
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