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Human Behavior: The male sexual psyche and their Mothers

  1. Mar 21, 2003 #1

    This may sound like a strange question...

    nonetheless it is a sincere one...

    Hence I am curious enough to ask...

    What is the relationship with the male sexual psyche and their mothers?

    This is a very general and open ended question.
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    Umm, freud just extrapolated his own thoughts to the rest of the male gender.

    Well, I have heard that men like to pick girls that are like their mothers, but I haven't seen any empirical evidence for this. Perhaps in traditionalistic societies, where males see their mothers as the pinnacle of proper ladyhood, they will choose women like their mothers in order to choose a "lady". That is pure speculation, though.
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    Well there is the oedipus complex, but I think Freud was full of BS.
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    i've heard a few theories concerning this interesting if somewhat disturbing phenomenon:

    biological reason: individuals have a tendancy to be attracted to those that are similar to them for genetic reasons, something about genes that complement each other, obviously interbreeding is quite detrimental but complete genetic difference is not great either, i don't know enough genetics to really explain/understand this...

    pychological reason: if we survive until maturity, ie when we start looking for a mate, it is because our parents did something right, we therefore associate good parenting and thus a possible mate with our parents.

    yet more pychology: this one isn't directly linked to the question but i read somewhere that a massive part of why we are attracted to someone, along with the sex drive that is, is the parental drive, girls like guys they can 'mother' and vice versa.

    there is quite a bit of empirical evidence for this phenomenon; there was a study done recently in which people were asked to look at a whole lot of photos of the opposite sex and rate the atractiveness, they found that when they took the photos that a certain person rated highly and 'morphed' the faces to allow for hormonal differences, ie stronger jaws to turn them into guys or whatever they ended up with faces that looked a whole lot like the person who had rated them as good looking. interesting...
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    So one question I have been pondering...what is the difference in the relationships between a man who can leave his mom and go and get married and "cut the apron strings" and a man who remains "a mommies boy" all his life?
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    Bachelor of Science?

    Actually, while I really can't explain about the sexual psyche, I have an idea why young children want "to marry" the parent of the opposite sex.

    Children are quite aware that when people discuss marriage, it's between a male and a female. Being more familiar with their parent of the opposite sex, they would naturally have a proclivity to want to be that parent.
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    i think it depends on how a mother raises their son...my son is a momma's boy, but he is only 3 so i think for now he has a right to

    once he gets old enough though, i would want him to seek his own independence to benefit his well being (i am sure that is easier said then done)...

    so what about daddy's girls?
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    Greetings !

    Entropia, it seems like more focus is required here...

    Not my case.

    Live long and prosper.
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    I have to say that I am a Daddy's girl but I don't live near him and I don't call him all that often. If anything happened to him it would rock my world....I guess what I am meaning is when they grow up and they still want to be with mommy more than they want to move on and get married and have thier own family
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    This is what I read from an evolutionary psychologist:

    It would be very bad for our offspring if we were to mate with someone closely related to us, so evolution has equipped us with emotions of disgust to prevent this from happening. However, we can't measure directly how related someone is to us: we have to guess based on indirect evidence, e.g. if an adult cares for us from birth we can 'guess' (subconsciously) that they are one of our parents, and develop inhibitions against any sexual feelings for them.

    The test of this hypothesis is whether our guesses can go awry if we are raised in unusual circumstances. It turns out that Freud was raised by a wet nurse, so early in his life he did not have the usual cues that would prevent him developing sexual feelings for his actual mother. Apparently, this led to him fancying his mother, at least for a time, and he assumed what was true for him was true for everyone else!
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