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Human Behaviour & L.O.Thermodynamics

  1. Mar 7, 2006 #1
    I’ve just been reading a bit into philosophy and looking into some of the issues and ideas presented in ‘natural philosophy’ and as I’m being still very young to fully appreciate the vast realms natural philosophy explores, I’ve been caught up pondering the thought that human behavior, free-will and determinism have a relatedness to the laws of thermodynamics (if your wondering by now, I don’t do drugs, just an accidental thought). I have little or no idea about physics but this was just something I ‘Googled’ and found that it offered some ideas that may correlate to how human actions (not that I have any authority for that matter of knowing those things) are neither truly free nor determined in it’s own accord; But are in unison as according to the forces we exert on the world and how those forces ultimately have a cause / purpose that influentially increases entropic disorder in human behavior (which is also something that can never be destroyed but merely alter our behavioral patterns). This is due to us being the driving force upon others and others upon us (simply put as, action / reaction). It sound’s like a long shot but even chaos may not be as complicated as we simply make of it.

    I myself don’t believe in absolutes but I think the ideas of those that others have magnificently paved for us has tempted me to look into some knowledge (involving physics) that maybe useful within philosophical frameworks. Personally my education isn’t the best but Einstein has surely restored some faith within me to ponder about and pose edgy responses to my thoughts. The reason for this abstract encounter with our physical universe is because I believe, also bit of an artist, that ‘we’ are a good starting point in identifying fundamental relationships between existence and ontology - so I think.

    Thank you and looking forward to reading anything; as I'm not sure what to expect .
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