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Medical Human Behaviour Predictors?

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    I'm looking for a field of psychology which tries to predict human behaviour or sort of characterizes human beings based on their behaviour patterns.

    Honestly, I'm not sure what to call it, but I want to be able to say what a particular group of people will tend to like or dislike or what they will tend to do or not do when presented with a stimuli.

    I'm guessing fields like architecture and those from the liberal arts would use such frameworks extensively (reaction to light, color, sensory stimuli, etc.) and certainly psychology/psychiatry and I want to get acquainted with the material in some way.

    Any suggestions PF?
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    Human behavioral biology. I posted some lectures in the tutorial forums.
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    Any books that you might recommend? Or what all I should read up on? I'll be checking out your lectures in a minute.

    EDIT: Err... where are the tutorials? I tried looking for them but I dont know where to look. Is there a tute section?
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    "Math and Science Learning Materials"

    it's the first forum at the top of the list from the main physicsforums page
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    Thank you! Got lost looking for this thread.

    EDIT: I'm sorry Pythagorean, but I'm not sure which thread in the tutorial section you're referring to. Can you paste the link? Again, I apologize for the inconvenience, but I cant seem to place it. TIA
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    Behavioral economics - Daniel Kahneman is the only noble laureate whos work was primarily in psychology, he has a book that summarizes his research titled "Thinking, Fast and Slow".
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