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Human Brain Computer?

  1. Oct 8, 2003 #1
    The brain is the oldest computer known, developed through a process still
    undetermined in millions of years. As I see it now the brain is developing
    a computer to the level of A.I. (interesting). The brain needs information
    to function such as eyes,smell,taste,touch,hearing as forerunners (stimuli)
    including many below the conscience level interacting together with the
    brain comprising functions many of which are not understood or discovered
    yet. To use the wet brain as a natural computer one would have to use
    what the brain already uses for incoming information, which by the way is
    already been done by attaching probes to fingers,etc.etc. It is only a matter
    of time when computers will function with the brain (with safe guards of course)
    enabling human beings to become whatever they wish to be. I see in the
    future software unlike the ones for computers which function with human brain
    information that it understands. Meanwhile critical situations exist with the
    human brain and mind as well,until those are answered perhaps the best thing
    for now is non-human A.I.:wink:
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  3. Nov 7, 2003 #2
    I like the retrofit idea better… Otherwise, understanding the mechanics of the human brain may not have much effect on the design of future computers.

    I say this, because… Generally, our brains are better at handling tasks than computing functions. The brain, as a task oriented machine, is better for manipulating the world we live in.
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