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Human Brain parts

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    If you look at the Human Brain and you see the Brain Steam can you see the Pons on\f the Brain Steam or is this part very close to the bottum of the Brain?

    I ask because some Models show it and other do not but in real life can you see the Pons of the Brain Steam?
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    Simon Bridge

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    I only see brain steam if I've been thinking too hard (comes out the ears). If there is too much brain steam I can end up with nothing but a brain stem left ;)
    Does this help?

    You can see here that the Pons is a part of the brain stem.
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    Thank you and I can see the Pons is part of the Brain Steam.
    What I ment is if I had a Model of the Human Brain in my Hand or a real Brain does the Pons show or is it Tucked under the Brain in real life?
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    Simon Bridge

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    IRL the pons is kinda bulgy below the bottom of the grey stuff. It's quite obvious when you turn the assembly upside-down. Considering some DIY brain surgery?
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    I am sorry I know if you turn the brain upside down you can see the Pons.

    I ment if you hold the Brain right side up can you see the Pons like this?

    I did not know if it hangs below?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Well - everything is pretty floppy outside the skull so whatever you don't hang on to flops down. Perhaps if I knew what you wanted to know for?

    There are like folds of the brain stuff to either side, but, in it's normal position, it sits just below those. One would not normally be viewing a naked brain from the side so the question does not tend to come up.
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    Well I am making a model of the Brain and I wanted to know if you can see the Pns as it sits on the Spin.

    Thats what I ment if you chouls see the Brain as it sits on the Spin if the Pons shows or if you have to take the Brain off the Spin to be able to see the Pons?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Oh well, in that case you want to have a play with something like this:
    ... 3D interactive brain built from cat-scan data. You can rotate it to look at different angles.

    Basically the pons is visible from the side - just. It's obvious if the viewer ducks down a bit for a low angle. Easily seen from the front. Cannot be seen from the back.

    You can also download brain models of varying complexity. eg.
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