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Human Consciousness Stored in Computer?

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    Suppose I store all information related to my consciousness or mind - memory, personality, IQ level, knowledge, and etc. - into a computer (when we've that kind of tecnology, of course). Now this data is equivilant to everything of me. Then I give this computer a body for it to move and excecute actions. This 'robot' is able to learn and is in all aspect identical to humans.

    So the problems now are:
    1. Is this darn robot equivilant to me? Or put it this way - Is this robot me?
    2. Who is real real one
    ?????????????!! Or is there no real ones - both of us are the real Physicskid?
    3. In the first place, is such thing possible?
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    If your a old man, and your at 25 % energy. Multiply that by total time.
    25 % energy * total time(say 100 percent man's time, or per 100) = Amount 25

    The computer doesn't amount to your energy !
    Only you amount to your energy.

    I heard from a man about this formula. It's called planks constant.
    I got the part about Energy multiplied by Time. Equals units of action.

    So. If the computer has different energy than you. It doesn't equal your energy if the time is a percent, or 100 %

    Seeing 25 % energy and 100 % time is easy. Creative ? Yes. But easy to do.
    Simply. It's equivilant to Plank's constant. Close enough. :rofl:

    I suspect the computer will equal the amount of a computer.

    In summary. What is the amount of a man's time ? Equal to his lifespan. A man is a alive man, and that time is 100 % man's time.
    What is the energy of a man ? 100 % energy ? No. Not even.

    So my adaptation of Plank's constant fits nicely.

    Your energy times being a man equals who you are. The amount you. :zzz:

    No PC will ever equal that. The PC lifespan and energy is it's own. Even if it looks like you. :wink:
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    Assuming that it fully gained consiousness like humans would, wouldnt the robot change its personality once it realizes that it is just a copy of the original physicskid?

    Suppose it did gain its own identity once it 'figures' that out, then it would no longer be you. It would recognize that it is just a copy and act differently. It would probably be very much like you, but it might have a different purpose in its 'life' so it can distinguish itself from you.
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    sounds like what god did. created a copy of himself and then turned it loose on the universe.

    which is the real god???????????

    olde drunk
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    This question has no answer.

    Probably. At this point in time, we don't nearly have the technology, though.
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    People seem to forget, the easiest way to build a "computer" that is completely like the human brain is to use a human brain. My point? You are the computer.
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    You don't want a computer completely like the human brain; human brains are very slow, and hard to modify or copy-paste, and vulnerable.
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    The silicon substrate of computers may produce a different type of consciousness in the robot person than it does in you, the organic person.

    So, I would argue that the silicon person would indeed be an intelligent life-form, but one whose state of consciousness may be quite different from humans.
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