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Human energy problem

  1. Mar 1, 2005 #1
    human energy problem!!

    okay...i have this assignment that's due tomorrow morning so i'm begging for some help. There is only one problem that I'm totally lost on.

    A 50 kg hiker climbs a mountain 1000m high in 3 hrs. Assuming the average O2 consumption during his climb was 2x10^-3 m^3/min(2 liters/min) corresponding to an energy expenditure of 4x10^4J/min, how much enery appears as heat in the body?

    Any help would be great...Thanks so much! :smile:
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    Calculate the total energy expenditure (Rate * climb time)

    How much of this is used to overcome the potantial energy?

    How much is left? What ever left should appear as heat in the body.
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    thanks so much that worked
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