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Human Genome Project .

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    Human Genome Project.....

    Do any of you know anything about the Human Genome Project that wasn't in the standard textbooks?
    My class has been doing things about genetics research, and the video we watched did not explain very much about it. All it basically said was that the Project was a researching of the genes and why/how we become what we are.
    Can you help please?
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    jim mcnamara

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    Re: Human Genome Project.....

    It's hard to say what was and was not in 'textbooks'. You read them - I probably did not.


    Read and decide what your textbooks missed. And please note this site is not tolerant of conspiracies and what-if's that lead into non-science. Why did I say that? -- this type of query usually leads down that path.
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    Re: Human Genome Project.....

    what does that mean?
    i is confuzzled.
    but thank you for the site.
    it helped a lot
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    Re: Human Genome Project.....

    The actual human genome project is fairly simple in its goals. It was intended to map the human genome. However, that doesn't do very much for anyone. Since then, researchers have been using that data to try to assign functions to all the genes identified, which is a much more difficult task, but far more important than just mapping the genes with no understanding of what they do.
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