Human gravity

  1. This question came to me as having an obvious answer yet I dont know. If a human is floating in space they bend spacetime themselves and could technically have small stuff orbit them. Sorry for the dumb question; just been bothering me.
    thanks for any help
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  3. It's all about magnitudes. Just because something is definite and measurable doesn't mean it matters in the long run. I can spit in the ocean all day, but the water will never rise because of it.
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    Yes, theoretically that is true.

    Quiz question for you: imagine an object (mass M) orbiting a person (mass 80 kg) in a 10m radius orbit. How far from the Earth must the person be, so that the Earth's gravitational pull on the object is 1/10 that of the person's gravitational pull on the object?

    Use Newton's law of gravitation,

    Fgrav = G Ma Mb / d2
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