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Human Heart help

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    if you have a severe hard cough for 30 Years can it make the Right Atrium of the Human Heart become enlarged?
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    Simon Bridge

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    From what I've read it is usually the other way around.
    ... particularly with atrial enlargement, the cough is usually a symptom rather than the cause - the patient may just have had this creeping up on them for 30 years.

    Patient should seek professional medical advice - preferably from a heart specialist.
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    I ask because my Mom got a call from her DR. and her told her that her E.K.G she had doen shows her Right Atrium of her Heart is big.

    And her DR. told her that her the Valve under the Right Atrium is ok.

    And then the DR. told her that her Blood Pressure is fine and ok.

    And my Mom is not short of breath or Dizzy and never worked with Camicakes.

    So she is getting a Cat Scan.
    Do you have any thoughts?
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    We don't know your mother, so we cannot make such guesses. You need to ask these questions of her doctor.
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