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Human Interbreeding

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    What's the percentage of sub-species of homo sapiens sapiens producing fertile offspring (excluding prolonged selective-breeding with the same genes)?

    What circumstances make the percentage less than 100%??
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    What have you found so far?
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    Trisomi 21 for example....
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    Emphasis mine, we have no sub-species.
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    What ryan_m_b said. There are no extant subspecies of H. sapiens. H. sapiens idaltu is the only other subspecies other than H. sapiens sapiens. Neanderthals were considered to be a sister subspecies, but they were later found to in fact be a separate species. The molecular evidence from the Neanderthal Genome Project confirms this. There has been some interbreeding between H. neanderthalensis and our species, but this is contentious because of the likelihood of the human DNA contamination in the Neanderthal samples. As far as I know, the Neanderthal genes in the human genome (about 0-5%) do not cause any pre- or post-zygotic reproductive barriers among humans.
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    I was hoping he'd google and see that homo sapiens sapiens is the sub species of homo sapiens.
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