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Human observation

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    Now, we humans observe time to be absolute and always progressing into entropy. However, mathematically it really just seems like a axis which helps determine energy and entropy at points along the grid. I guess what I'm curious about is if there is a bias as to how time progresses, I mean, what's to say that time doesn't run backwards, or has any base existence at all? Also, is this a problem with how humans observe the world, linking back to platonic idealism. Are we fundamentally flawed in our observations of motion, time, and space itself?

    and to extend, if this were to be the case, would some of the science we've done be meaningless?

    Just curious,
    Best regards.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by this. What specific observations are you referring to?

    The rest of your post looks more like philosophy than physics to me.
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    I'm afraid this is too speculative. Thread closed.
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