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Human Origin

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    It is my understanding that the DNA guys have concluded that all Homo sapiens originated as progeny of a single "Eve" in Central(?) Africa.

    Since I haven't heard anything about "Adam," I assume that the genetic tracers don't allow anything to be said about the male lineage. Be that as it may.

    Presumably, in order for Eve to be "Eve," she had multiple children; presumably some were male, others female.

    Does anyone have any idea what happened next? In order for Eve to be "Eve" the immediately logical deduction is that her children would have had to inbreed. Somehow it doesn't make sense that, if her sons had surviving children from females other than their sisters, the DNA would trace directly back to Eve.

    Does anyone have a handle on this?
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    Ok. No, I wasn't under the misconception that Eve was the only female. It was the "unbroken line of daughters" qualifier that I was missing.


    Would I be correct in assuming that, short of mass extinction, it is now statistically improbable, if not impossible, to break the line of daughters? If so, any idea how many generations it took to reach that point? (more or less)
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