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Human Pituitary proteins-how to find them?

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    i am looking for some human pituitary proteins for example glucocorticoid receptor. the problem is i get only the answer for human glucocorticoid receptor and not glucocorticoid receptor from human pituitary. as i know glucocorticoid receptor is different in different human locations, then how come i get glucocorticoid receptor from pituitary and not just "human glucocorticoid receptor"?

    Any help is greatly appreaciated!

    Thanks a bunch!!!
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    Can you clarify what you're trying to do? Do you mean doing a literature search for information on glucocorticoid receptors, or identifying them in tissue samples you have, or getting purified protein from a supplier?

    When most people are talking about GR, they are referring to the alpha isoform, which is the one that binds glucocorticoids. There is also a beta isoform reported in the literature, but that one does not bind glucocorticoids. Recent work seems to suggest it acts in a dominant negative manner in reducing transcriptional activity of the alpha isoform (and possibly the mineralocorticoid receptors as well).

    For a review of the different isoforms and post-translational modifications of the receptor, see:
    Zhou J, Cidlowski JA. The human glucocorticoid receptor: one gene, multiple proteins and diverse responses. Steroids. 2005 May-Jun;70(5-7):407-17.

    It's the same protein no matter what tissue it's found in.
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    Sorry, moonbear! I forgot the main thing. :grumpy: i am looking for the size (Da) of the human pituitary glucocorticoid receptors, but what i get is only the human glucocorticoid receptors. my question: is the size and the structure of human pituitary glucocorticoid receptors the same in any locations of our body? Are the human ovarian glucocorticoid receptors identical to human pituitary glucocorticoid receptors in siza and structure?

    Hope for any inputs!
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    Yes, there is only one identified glucocorticoid receptor. The only thing that will vary from tissue to tissue, or cell to cell even, would be post-translational modifications, such as phosphorylation state.
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