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Medical Human Stress Reaction

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    Hello I mentioned this in General Discussion, but perhaps I can get some answers here. In the human stress reaction, the blood flows away from the skin and fat is dumped into the blood stream. The the removing of blood away from the skin allows the person a better chance of surviving in case of an injury. Also the placement of fat into the bloodstream allows for the muscles to have the most avaible energy possible to be able to get out of the situation.
    Here's my question: Are there any known changes in the human mind connected to the stress reaction. I mean it seems like in very dangerous situations people say that they see time pass very slowly. Once more is there any known change?
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    I think that this is probably a better thread for the Mind & Brain Forum. I was googling for info because your question intrigues me too and I came up with this Wikapedia article.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fight-or-flight_response" [Broken]

    Perhaps time perception is related to memory, and certain hormones released during "fight or flight" alter this. It would be fascinating to know more.
    I found this abstract of a literature review, perhaps if someone has time and interest they might be able to find the full article and read it--or I might if I want to procrastinate this weekend.
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    Can a Mentor please move my thread to the Mind and Brain Science Forum? I think it would get more discussion there.
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    Well, the most obvious thing would be the release of adrenaline. Maybe someone can specify more in detail what happens in the brain during acute stress.
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    Does anyone know anything about this topic? Any comments are welcome.
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