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Human vs Moon

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    I have seen some documanters,and I have talk with some people about this issue: "Did human go to Moon ?".

    Many people supports that never we went to Moon,and they have some logic arguments.
    Other people support,that something so big...can not be fake,so we went to Moon for sure.

    What you guys believe?? Also if we went to moon...why we did not go again??
    There is no reason to go? Or we saw something that made us afraid? Or we just CANT go??

    Thank you !!!
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    Going to the moon is a more complicated trip than hopping on a train. It is also very expensive to send just a couple of people to the moon for a few days.


    The Apollo program took about 10 years of development and the expenditure of about $100 billion (in current value) to accomplish 9 trips to the moon and 6 landings on the lunar surface (with 1 aborted mission). The rockets and other equipment used were purpose-built for the lunar missions and trying to re-create them to go back to the moon would probably be as expensive, if not moreso, than when they were first developed. There have been recent plans formulated by NASA and other space agencies, in particular the Chinese, to design a new generation of lunar rockets, but the costs are still daunting.
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    I'm sorry but we don't allow discussion of conspiracy theories, as per PF rules. If you'd like to talk about what was necessary for humans to get to the moon, that's fine. But whether or not we've been is not subject to discussion, as it's a magnet for crackpots and conspiracy theory nuts. Thread locked.
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