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Humanity learns to curb it's fear of the unknown

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    In my humble opinion, until humanity learns to curb it's fear of the unknown, and ceases placing it's energies in mytho-religious ideaologies, we will continue to be a warring, violent chiold race that is a blight on the planet.
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    Just a blind guess here, but weren't you a member of PF under a different username just a efw months ago?
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    A perfect example of why we are at the place that we are right now.
    Though I will say that this sort of interaction is absolutely essential for the advancement of humanity to the next phase of human evolution!
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    Re: well..........

    Greetings !
    I agree with that.
    But, as for the "blight on the planet" I think it will take a lot more
    than that. Humanity will have to learn respect, respect towards itself
    and primarily towards all life in all of its forms. As long as one human
    out of 6+ billion is considered to be more valuable than one out of 2,000
    tigers on the planet, we'll get nowhere.
    Somehow I doubt that the "next phase" of our evolution
    will have a lot to do with us, or will be totally carbon based
    for that matter.

    Live long and prosper.
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