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Humanity's Earth history all over again in space

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    You might have notice that human history has and is repeating itself and we have not really seriously learn from the mistakes of our past since we have been doing the same mistakes. These same mistakes in our rich history occur differently as time goes by and that is why our world leaders haven't notice them seriously because the mistakes occur in a different style in history but are the same. So I have come to a conclusion that once we have the ability to travel throgh space faster we will start to conquest territory just like the Europeans that started to conquered many new land in what they considered the New World. Who knows if the territory in space has intelligence but we will start fighting for the territory in space. Sure, space is a big place but the technology helping us to travel through space will limit us in a radius in space,also just like in the past with the Europeans' past exploration technology which limited them to go any farther to the New World even though the Earth was a bigger place. Take another example, if we get the chance to colonize let's say the moon or Mars the colonizers might have a unsatisfying political system and might start to revolt since they're unhappy and the central government who set the unsatisfying system to the colonizers is based on Earth,which is millions of miles away. Hence, might create a new nation or nations just like in human history.Relate this example to other nations' history that have a history of revolting against a European empire. What is outstanding is that we are humans and not computers, we are able to think in many directions unlike a computer which only works in one direction and we could stop the madness of terrible repeatable history since we are humans.
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    So the change from monarchies etc to democratic republics and one party states is of no consequence?

    BTW, what - in your opinion - are the mistakes of our past which are making all over again?
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    Obviously war is the mistake we keep seeing, feeling and repeating. Also, in my opinion the separation of humanity, we the humans are constantly being seperated every second and this is the result of many nations on Earth. This is a mistake in every second in our history.
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    So the establishment of the EEC, followed by the EU, and now its expansion from 15 to 25 countries is an example which shows we are learning from our mistakes; the secession of the Baltics (Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia) from the USSR one which shows we're not? I'm just asking.
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    Humanrace repeat it`s history like a bad playstaionprogram


    When you see the history of humanity it is the same over and over again, just in a new wrapper. "Same **** new wrapper". Why? Why don`t we seem to be able to break out of this loop? I am sick and tired of it, and I want to "change the beat". But the scientists who know a lot about this does not want to share their knowledge with us. I am sick and tired of hierarchy, wars, and religion, ideologies etc that leads to nothing. I do not need a leader, I do not need a religion, I do not need to be a part of this. So how do I become the master of my own soul?
    I am also sick and tired of all the people who are so afraid to challenge the world view, that are so afraid to be seen as diffrent, that almost appologize for having a diffrent thought about anything that does not fit the official version=sheeps that follow a leader.

    The best protection these rulers have is the way they make people afraid of being diffrent, so that when people who do have ideas that actually would lead somewere or discloses the powerelite, the sheep turn against them, defending the ones who actually are supressing them.


    Open your mind! I belive our mind can be used for beautiful things, can open doors if we just let go of this "safety net". Birds that have been in a cage all their lives, will not fly out if you gave them the opportunity, the humanrace is the bird, ad the rulers created the cage, and the bird stayed there because it thought it was safe.

    Another thing is the humanrace DNA, why is it programmed this way, and why is this world programmd this way? Because all you have to do is change the programming? So what do our DNA stand in connection to?

    I also run a website, alternative for disclosing technology:


    It is idealisticly driven, I am no scientist, just a regular person that is fed up with all the nonsense!

    There is nothing that is mystichal, it`s just the humanrace that hasn`t found an explanation yet, and by the way everything is possible!! We just have to braek the code of the universe!
    I love Kaku though:-))) He is entusasthic he glows when he talks about his subject, a brilliant mind!!

    Best wishes, Gina
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    Hello Everyone,

    The window dressing (times) keeps changing but the window (events) doesn't.

    Actually several authors of science fiction have explored this in fiction already. It would almost mirror how America broke away from the British Empire during colonial times, in regards to a dynamic.

    It's even dysfunctional to conceive that as a last resort "waging war" can bring lasting peace to a region. The only method that humanity has employed for peace has been diplomacy in a united fashion. I wonder if there isn't another system that can usher in peace & prosperity with less frequent exploits to it. It's some sort of social reform system that is an evolutionary step beyond diplomacy.

    Umm, perhaps you've forgotten of: Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., Mohatma Ghandi, Florence Nightangale (founded Red Cross and in the Middle East it's the Red Cresent), etc...

    I also feel at least in America we're repeating the woes of Victorian times when it comes to corporate greed. We have again monoplies that have persauded elected officials via special interest groups to allow mergers and what not. Besides allowing many industries to deregulate, which has caused less competition that causes higher consumer prices. There's also hardly any labor unions for the work force to be organized and coordinated.

    I'm glad the EU had the persistance to nail Microsoft a penalty of about 686 million dollars US. In there anti-trust suit brought against them, one in the US that had broken down and achieved hardly anything of value.

    In America that are about 5 major companies that own 80% of all media outlets. Be it: print, radio, television, or internet that doesn't bode well at all. Those companies should be forced to split up like in the 1980's the US government forced the then telecom giant of Ma Bell to break up. (that created AT&T and other regional Bell telephone companies)

    I guess this has to play itself out, where more injustice is committed until the masses cry out and are heard once more under one voice. It must be that those crying out now that they're collective voices haven't reached a crescendo.
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