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Humans as organic machines

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    Hey, this might've been discussed here billions of times, but it fascinates me so I thought of bringing it up.

    If you'd ask from a person on a street that what is the difference between you and a computer ? You would probably get answered "I think, computer doesn't". It has been proven that computer doesn't need to understand what it is doing (~ through Chinese room experiment: An english man is put to a room alone, given instruction is his language to set a series of cards with chinese letters into right order). This does indeed show that computers don't understand if you ask them what is 2 + 2 ? Their programmed to answer that it's 4.

    Even if this is the case, it only shows that our computers are on the level of toasters ? If our technology today does not give us the chance to build a computer which could become conciouss, will it be the case in 100 years ?

    So what is the difference between metal and alloy brains and organic brains made out of cells. If both transport information through electric vibrations or so.

    When you reduce psychology to biology, it'll explain how the brains work on biological level (cells, nerves etc.). If you go further and reduce biology to chemistry to understand what goes on inside the cells (chemical reactions), still you take one spot further and reduce chemistry to physics, it'll tell the electric stuff and physical laws going on inside the cells and chemical reactions. Now can't you also apply mathematical laws to physics ? So if physics can be reduced to maths. Is it the case that our whole mind could be just a big program ? Computer programs surely use maths, so if we do too doesnt it mean were pretty close to machines, or just that machines are becoming soon concious and closer to us ?

    And if maths wasn't invented, but discovered. Could it mean that were programmed too :surprised

    ~ I don't know much of the subject and I wrote that in a hurry, so don't be offended if it wasn't all right :tongue2: . Anyways post your opinions :approve:
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    "Is it the case that our whole mind could be just a big program ?"

    If you believe in the soul, then no. If you do not believe in the soul, then yes, our brains are one big program - albeit many orders of magnitude more complex than the best computer we can conceive of, as well as extremely good at reprogramming itself and adapting (this is key to intelligence).
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