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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    I got this from my mother a while ago:

    Ps. Ohh, and according to my all knowing girlfriend computer in french actually is masculine... :rofl:
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    NINJA WIZARDS! :rofl:
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    :rofl: I feel sorry for men, women do have this inherent fallacy that somehow if a man loves her enough he will be able to "know" what she wants. :biggrin: Keep the guesswork coming, my brethren.

    This is also true, maybe men could decode women by treating them like experiments, make observation of pattern and draw conculsion.

    :devil: The guy must have forgotten to apologise.

    :rofl: That's true, women do like to shop. :biggrin: But a few of us prefer window shopping.

    :smile: IMO women are lovely, they are worth the trouble.
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    Yeah, I'll second that!


    What, me pay money to Microsoft?! Isn't the aggravation enough?!

    If this happens to be original, please steal it and claim credit. I don't like drawing attention to myself - I prefer to live in obscurity.
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    And I would third it! (That is, if I have any credibility left after that joke...) o:)

    But allow me to demonstrate some finer challenges on the way:

    Surely that could work, given the assumtion there actually is an internal logic to derive (and I live to tell the tale after possible replays...). However, since:

    we are expected to find what can't be found, it must be the effort that counts. Or is it?! :confused:

    It appears, we are now and then expected to find it anyway. But it would surely take no one less than a genius to do that. Not that he'd be any better off, since he would get there without the earlier mentioned effort. :biggrin:

    Of course, ya sisters must have your own share of challenges, so I can't say we have all the fun. :smile:
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    Yeah I'd say understanding women takes a colossal amount of work. If there is one trick of general application though, I think it must be listening empathically without feeling being attacked, criticised or being thrown into a dog-house. :smile: Hope it helps.
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    Yeah, and just to gather some points, the aim should of course be to understand the individual. But I think your generalization works either way and with most people. :)
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    I have enough trouble understanding myself. :biggrin:

    That's Mor-dor, with a "d". :rofl:
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