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Hungarian mathematics

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    Why does Hungary have a mathematics tradition? Upon internet search of "famous Mathematicians", so many hungarians were listed. What is in that culture to influence the excellence in Mathematics among hungarians? Why does that country seem to succeed? Where does the motivation in that society come from? Is this "hungarian mathematics tradition" just an illusion?
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    They have been hungry for exploits since the time of their forefather, Attila the Hun.
    Sorry, I dunno. I DO know, however, that Russia, and several of the other Communist countries had, and have, exceptionally many proficient mathematicians.
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    yea...tats wht ma proff always says...russians r gud at three things...chess, math n sipping vodka..lol.....he is also v fond of hungarian probs....tho i liv in india, while training for math olympiad hungarian n russian n a bito korean probs were most discussed, altho i personally find russian probs classy,, hungarian probs hav sumthing v special abt them.....u can stare at the prob all day long or just for few secs n get the solution buy one sweeping move......the best way to say it is.....the solutions of hungarian probs hits u like lightening.....the rest being all poetry......check out the past hungarian olympiad papers....mindblowing
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