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Huygens Construction problem

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    Hi there
    I'm having some real trouble answering photonics questions that require the use of Huygens construction. For example if I was asked
    Compare with the help of Huygen's constructions the propagation of o- and e- components of light through a material with ne and no are 1.55336, and 1.54425 assuming that the optic axis is;
    a) parallel to the crystal surface and to the plane of incidence
    b) perpendicular to the crystal and parallel to the plane of incidence
    c) parallel to the surface but perpendicular to the plane of incidence
    I really get confused with the components of light and how they relate to the optical ray. I understand that light that 'sees' ne will travel slower than light that sees no but I am not sure how this relates to the orientation of the optic axis?
    Many thanks!!!
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