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HW HELP: decomposition of ferric sulfide

  1. Sep 13, 2004 #1
    Hi! I was just wondering if the decomposition of ferric sulfide can break down into S8 molecules and ferric ions? Thanks in advance!!
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    Hello, I had skipped your message, sorry.

    I think the oxidative decomposition of [tex]FeS[/tex] will only produce [tex]Fe_2O_3[/tex] and [tex]SO_2[/tex] or [tex]SO_3[/tex], depending on the oxygen concentration. If it is sufficiently low, then a very slow conversion of [tex]Fe_2S_3[/tex] to [tex]Fe_2O_3[/tex] and elemental sulfur, which oligomerizes into [tex]S_8[/tex] rings, might be possible.

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