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Homework Help: Hw HELP please!

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    Hey guys, first time posting here! So hope I'm welcomed. Anyways, i'm stumped on this question my prof assigned. Maybe someone here could give me a hand.

    " A 1km steel railroad rail is fastened securely at both ends when the temperature is 20 degrees C. With increasing temperature the rail begins to buckle. Assuming the buckle is triangular, how high is the buckle at 25 degrees C."

    Prof didn't really go over the material with us... We're doing thermal dynamics , thermal expansion etc... the course i'm taking is Phys153 @ UBC if it helps

    Thx in advance! :smile:
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    Andrew Mason

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    Welcome to PF!

    You will need to look up the coefficient of thermal expansion for steel (per deg. C) at 20 deg. C.

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