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Hw help polynomial fxns.

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    hw help :( polynomial fxns.

    Hey guys and gals, i'd appreciate if you could help me (well) with this question.

    Write a polynomial function at minimum degree in standard form with real coefficients whose zeros include -1 and 1+4i

    :O its hard for me, im not a math person, and my precalculus teacher doesn't teach, he just talks.


    btw i have a test tomorrow, so if you could tell me the answer and how you got it, that'd be awesome, because then i can study it and learn, thanks!
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    If a polynomial is factored to look like this:


    what does that mean?
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    If a is a zero of a polynomial then x-a is a factor.

    If a polynomial with real coefficients has 1+4i as a zero then it also has
    1- 4i as a root.

    If your polynomial has 1, 1+ 4i, and 1- 4i as zero what factors does it have? Multiply them together.
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