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HW help

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    Where can I go to for Homework help? Does PF offer any threads on that? Thank you
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    Great. Thank you
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    Some time I truly wonder how certain things are missed here on PF.


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    For your information:
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    I couldn't find it from my app. Perhaps I didn't look long enough. I never access from the web page though
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    Yeah I read it adjacent. Thanks for the help
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    You raise a point which might be worth considering. I installed the the app on my wife's iPad to see what it looks like. When I choose "Browse" I get a list of the top-level forum categories:

    Science Education
    Astronomy & Cosmology
    Other Sciences
    PF Lounge

    In order to see individual forums, I have to open a category. I don't see "Homework & Coursework Questions" until I open up "Science Education".

    I expect it's the same on an iPhone, but I don't have any idea about Android.
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    Yeah I have iPhone 5. I think the app is really good. Except for that. They should put it right in the FAQ
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