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Homework Help: Hwk helpp please helpp thanks in advance

  1. May 16, 2005 #1
    hwk helpp please helpp!!! thanks in advance

    "Prove each of the following using Mathematical induction;" show all steps
    pleasee someone help.. i have a test on this tommorow and i just need some examples.. could you also try to show all steps including the words so i understand how you got there? thakns so much in advance~!

    1. -1/2, -1/4, -1/8... -1/2^n = (1/(2^n))-1

    2. a + (a+d)+(a+2d)+...+[a+(n-1)d] = (n/2)[2a+(n-1)d]

    3. 1^3 + 2^3 + 3^3... + n^3 = (n^2(n+1)^2)/(4)

    4. show that (3^(4n))-1 is dividislbe by 80 for all positive integral values of n
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    Well,did u read the HW section guidelines ?We don't do hw-s here,we only help people do their homeworks,if they get stuck.

    But u haven't even started.How about some ideas...?


    EDIT:Please,DO NOT DOUBLE POST !! :grumpy:
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