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Hybrid bond?

  1. Jan 13, 2004 #1
    I probably should ask this in the atomic physics section, but there seem little, if not no activity there...

    I am wondering what Hybrid bond is. I took two semester of lower division Chem. and that's it! Now, after getting my physics B.S., I realize that I don't really understand what it is! Here is my current interpretation:
    Say you have two atoms, their valence electrons are happily occupying their orbits, i.e. solution to the schodinger's eqn with respect to the potential (p-e,e-e, everything). And the so call electron orbits are basically eigenstates of the Hamiltonian (as complex as it maybe). Now you put the two atoms together, such that the electron in each atom feels the potential of the other guy. So to these electrons, the Hamiltonian changed, and so the old orbits are no longer eigenstates states of the new Hamiltonian, but rather just linear superposition of them. The new eigenstates for the new Hamiltonian are the so call hybrid bonds. Some of these states has lower energy (bonding) and some higher (anti-bonding). One can generalize this to many atom with complicated Hamiltonian....am I right?
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