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Hybrid Condensing Units

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    I just found a manufacturer that makes a hybrid condensing unit that is roughly the same size as a 5-ton air-cooled one for residential and small building purposes, but it claims to be able to facilitate a 30-ton system.

    The manufacturer says that it really beats the efficiency of an air-cooled condenser during the hotter parts of the day, obviously, but when it is night or cooler parts of the day, do hybrid condensers still perform 5x better than air cooled ones?

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    What is a hybrid condensing unit?
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    Here is the company's link. Hybrid meaning air-cooled / water-cooled unit.

    The units are about the size of a McDonnald trash can, have the air intake on the bottom above a water resevoir. The air comes in and moves through a mesh then passes around the coil. The coil and mesh can be sprayed with water from nozzles at the top of the unit, just below the fan that rejects the heated air.

    The pump can either be on or off depending on the ambient air conditions.
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