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Hybrid Hydrogen Oxygen System

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    Denny Klein has (allegedly) discovered a way to turn H2O into HHO with very considerable energy output. I think this is a different process to the other 'salt water energy' thread so i'll start a new one here. It does look impressively powerful, in just three seconds he turns a large ball of metal into glowing liquid state. When he burns something with it, afterwards it turns straight back to water!, which is the part i find amazing about it. i'm not sure what to think, seems to good to be true.
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    He splits water into H2 and O2 with electricty and then burns them in a torch.
    Not exactly new, for prior art on burning H2 + O2 see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hindenburg_disaster

    The problem is that it takes a lot more electricity to split the water than you get back and both H2 and O2 are tricky to handle.
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    so this sort of energy output is not exceptional then?
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    Nope oxy-hydrogen torches are quite common - they are hotter than oxy-acetylene and are easier to cut some steels with because the oxygen helps a slag form.

    They tend to get used for small scale jewellery work because they are easy to control and the oxygen burns off some impurities as you work.
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    looks pretty impressive though, i wouldn't mind a tool in my garage like that!

    Is the electricity required for this supplied by typical mains power then? it doesn't mention how the electricity to produce this effect is produced i dont think.
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    In order to split water you need a DC power supply.
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    This is a hoax. Consider what HHO could possibly be. It is a molecule with two hydrogens and one oxygen. There is another name for that and another way of writing it...
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