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Hydraulic Calculations

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    Hi ...

    Want to know about " How I can calculating ... Or ... Using Wich Formula " that is making me able to finde the relationship between the Haudraulic Pump Pressure and the Piston Pressure .?

    on what i should depend when i want a piston and a hydraulic pump

    For Example : I have a machine Decoiler for holding a metal sheet coil weighting ( 8 Tons ) from the side pressing the coil's holes .

    I need help for this matter and need also hydraulic formulas ... please ... the principals ...

    Eng. Luqman

    With my best wishes
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    When making pump and piston selections, you need to consider a number of things. Firstly, consider your task. Do you require a single acting or double acting cylinder? How frequently will the machine perform its cycle? Do you have any space issues to consider? Select your cylinder based on your application, and then find a power pack to suit it. Your power pack basically has to provide the correct flow rate, and the correct pressure. When you know what these are, a power pack is relatively easy to specify.

    Perhaps you could give us some more information about your requirements! I know English isn't your first language but if you give us as much information as you can then we should be able to help you out.
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    Hello, i found this website very useful. http://www.hidraulicapractica.com/formulas.htm [Broken] and http://www.hidraulicapractica.com/english/hydrauliccalculations.com [Broken]

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    This post is four years old...just FYI.

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