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Homework Help: Hydraulic car jack help

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    I've attached a PDF with a question related to hydraulics. I've answered (not sure if it was correctly) the first part of the question, but not sure where to start on the second.

    Thank you for any help.

    p.s. sorry for it being in PDF format. If someone is able to tell me how I can directly post images in my post, I'll start doing that.

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    No attachment here.
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    Upload your images to site like imageshack and then paste the 'forum' link.
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    Somethng must be wrong with me with all these missing attachments today. I blame it on the invention of tabs (current count 64).
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    Thank you rock.freak667, but I'm use to going to an old forum to find the important information needed, contained in an image deleted on a image hosting site.

    Hopefully this post will help others for generations to come. :smile:
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